Adverse effect of too much sex

It's something we need to understand that too much of everything is bad. If that is so, what idea do you have about too much sex.

Well,sex can make people feel pleasurable and apparently, you can have as many sex activities as you like. However, if you find that you are skipping meals to go for quick romp in the sheets, you should probably be worried about having too much sex.

Scientist have prove that sex can decrease anxiety and improve your moods, sex can be unhealthy if it interferes with your day activities.

1. Hair loss- Sexual intercourse increases the level of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. The hormone, in turn, leads to hair loss as DHT is known to kill hair follicles and cause male pattern baldness.

2. Weak Immunity- Your immunity can be lowered as an effect of too much sex. The prostaglandin E-2 hormone is released into the blood stream during sex. This leads to problems like weakening immunity, damaged tissues, nervous and muscular pain and as well as lack of sex.

3. Bruises- This is one obvious effect of too much sex because of the rubbing during sex activities. This is especially so if you have rough sex. Rug burns make it very uncomfortable to have sex in certain positions and the bruises can be painful after you notice it. Try not to have sex on your back, knees or any other parts that might cause discomfort.

4. Urinary tract infection- Urinary tract infection can be very uncomfortable or even painful. Having too much sex, especially with different people, can expose women to this condition. To avoid contracting a urinary tract infection, you should take plenty of water and make sure to empty the bladder before and after sex.

5. Injured nerves- While the normal human being can withstand all sorts of sexual stimulation, the nerves may get a bit sore after an intense session. It is, therefore, better to pace yourself before overindulging and you could easily end up the activity for some time. Also, avoid too much direct stimulation of same spot.

6. Heart Attack- While this is rare, there are situations when people suffer from heart attack during sexual intercourse. While sex can be good for your heart as it is a cardiovascular activity like some others, you should do it with cautions if you have a history of heart problems.

7. Fracture- While the penis cannot break, it is important to know that it can suffer from a fracture. You will normal hear a popping or snapping sound followed by loss of erection. This normally result in swelling at the base of the penis or scrotum.