Waleed Bn Tallal move with MBS

Walid Bn Talal is know to be the most famous and the richest billionaire in Saudi Arabia. His full name is Sheikh Al Waleed Bn Talall Al-Saud. He is half brother to the Saudi crown prince, Muhammad Bn Salman(MBS). He created many foundations like.....

He has receive different awards from different part of the country majorly those places he sited his enterprises. He also owns share in some business enterprises both in Asia an Europe.

Why the crackdown with MBS

It happens that Muhammad Bn Salman carried out what is called anti-corruption purge at early November last year, extending the penalty to all corrupt saudi royals, officials and known business mans through out the saudi city. This encompasses Al waleed. He detained them all in Ritz-calton hotel at saudi Arabia. The estimated number of personnel detained are not specified but it's estimated to be more than 200.

But what surprise one mostly is that the young 32 hero, I mean MBS really go deep into all cases of crimes committed years back in Saudi cities, both the necessary and unnecessary ones. If you remember, there was a case of crane crash at Makkah that claims thousands of lives inside the main main masjid. Saudi government overlooked the event since it's assume that mistake is something that can't be avoided.

Now at MBS, he wondered how and why will the case claims thousands of lives when it's not the first time of the company constructing such kind of project. It even leads to decrease in Saudi pilgrimage (hujjaj) at the following year. With his crucial steps against the case, he noticed that the company held responsible is also guilty. With this, he arrested all company the personnel involved

Muhammad Bn Salman, as he have said that the crackdown is not only meant to wash away the allegations of the victims, but also bill each of them to pay 70% of his networth for the release. There is something here hidden to the press, we are only told that individual billing will cost 70% networth but not long before we are aware of the fact that Al waleed had a sitting with Saudi government. Thou before then, some of the detained get cleared and released

Time in detention

Al waleed spent nothing less than two month in the detained hotel. Posts and messages on social network that he Al waleed was sent to prison, tortured ... Emerging, a whole billionaire for that matter. He insisted to give a reply not until reporters from different regions, visiting him to hear his view on that. He responded it's not to be called punishment but just a delay. He even posted his lifestyle on youtube showing the freedom he has during the detention so as to buttress the fact.

Al waleed's return has brought his family an evaluating joy. You will understand this by visiting his daughter's page on social network. Many believe that with what has been done to him, he might abandon Salman and the government generally. He later stated clearly that, as far as the Saudi kingdom was brought into existence by their family, which is Al Saud, he will always be there for the government all the time with the necessary support without neglecting any of his brothers as long as the royal name is still in existence