From Ataturk to Erdogan

Freemasonry is a giant conglomeration of secret societies operating mainly in the Western world. Freemasons seek to create a "New World Order." Secrecy is maintained since many right minded people would otherwise oppose them. Freemasons communicate through various hand signal and special handshakes. This allows them to alert other. Freemasons of their presence while keeping the rest of us in darkness. This is particularly helpful for advancing covert agendas. Leading sociologists TexeMarrs has exposed many secrete Masonic signals in his book Codex Magica. According to him, this is this sign of the second Master of the Veil; an important secret rank within Freemasonry.

Islam Completely forbids Freemasonry. Masonic theosophy involves the glorification of ancient pagan civilizations, regarded by the Qur'an as doomed and cursed people. Witchcraft is forbidden in Islam and punishable with death in an Islamic state. Islam calls for loyalty to God, not to "brotherhoods." Islam requires serving those who are right, not blind and forced loyalty to a particular group.


Mustafa kamal (Atarturk:father of the Turks) worked tirelessly to engineer Turkish defeat in World War 1. He role in Gallipoli was later exaggerated. In reality, he was one of the many junior commanders. And his (deliberate) tendency to get large number of Turks kill had made him infamous. He then engineered the disastrous retreat of the Turkish Army across the Middle East to Allepo. He arranged to have the units he commanded to be bombarded and destroyed by the British.

After all was lost, the Allies backed the Greek invasion to make the helpless Turkish Muslims rally around Kamal. Once kamal consolidated his position, the Allies abandoned the Greeks.

On November 1 1922, the doenmehs abolished the Ottoman Sultanate, ending 623 years of it's rule. Istanbul was conquered by Mustafa Kamal and his deonmehs without firing a shot. Today, the Crupto-Masonic Israelite Doenmeh of Turkey now command the largest army in the Middle East. They have duped Turks into believing that the commanders of this force are working in their best interests.

Once again, the doenmeh intend to lead Turkish people to destruction, by embroiling them in the Western sponsored "Clash of Civilization" War, which can break out in the Middle East. Whle deonmeh's may even pretend to be Islamist for this purpose, they and their cousins commanding the Zionist and Western Armies once again seek to redestroy Turkey

In 1917, the doenmehs strike Turkey. This time, the doenmehs will finish up their work, making sure that nothing remains. The Last Prophet, Muhammad Sallallahu-alaihiwassalam is quoted as saying: "You have heard about a city the one side of which is in the land and the other is in the sea(Istanbul)? " The prophet's companions replied: "Allah's messenger, yes." There upon the Prophet said: "The Last Hour would not come unless seventy thousands persons from Isra'el would attack it. When they would land there, they will neither fight nor would shower arrows." -The Prophet of Islam, 7th Century AD sahih Muslim Book 041, Number 6979

While this saying of the Prophet (Hadiis) may refer to some future event, some writers like David Musa Pidcock have suggested that it refers to the capture of Istanbul by Mustafa Kamal and his deonmehs. Kamal initially deceived the Muslim population of Istanbul into believing that he supported the Sultan and the Caliphate. The city was thus captured by the doenmehs without violence.