Tension inside Somalia

It has been long that Somalia has been playing a rough gambling game with United Arab Emirate which is also known as the UAE. Just of recent, Somalia intercepts UAE plane carrying huge sums of money. Journalist in Somalia are reporting that the government has impounded and plane carrying an unspecified amount of money. Even though some reports put the amount at 13 million dollar cash. According to Muhammad mullah, Muyo secretary general for the union of journalists, the plane was from the United Arab Emirates and had been caught at Mogadishu Airport.

On his part a VOA journalists, Maroon Marrow reported that the plane was believe to be carrying cargo for the UAE mission in the Somalia capital.

However, both souse are saying the amount was unknown adding it's final destination not yet clearly. The UAE has been on a diplomatic collision course with Somalia over the business dealings of the UAE based company DP world with semi-autonomous as far as Somalia is concern. DP world very purport deal with Somalia land along with Ethiopia. Somalia reported the incident to the United Nations weeks back. Somaliland government insists it's parliament had okayed the deal even though Somalia's lower house of parliament voted to declare it null and void. Somalia has been riled by a political crises that involves the lower house of the legislature and the executive.

Kenya's majority leader Aiden B Jewell is on record to have singled out UAE for undermining sovereignty of Somalia.

What is going on in Somalia now is a proxy war led by UAE mercenaries to undermine the sovereignty legitimate government and institution. So Mullah must not allow foreign mercenaries to destabilize their country. He is quoted to have said.