No other like United States

I always thought because America is suppose to be the land of the free, nudity would be part of the norm. But it isn't. It's suprising.

Here are facts about the United states

1. Children are expected to leave home when they're 18, no matter where you're from, you will find this amazing.

2. Americans are very friendly to everybody, even strangers, almost everywhere else on earth friendliness, openness and bubbliness are reserve for your closest friends and not your acquaintances. This causes some visitors to feel confused when they meet somebody on the street, only to realize later that the relationship isn't as deep as they thought it was.

3. Buffets, washing machines, 24 hours Walmart's, free refills for better or for worse. These conveniences are unheard of in other parts of the world.

4. The customer is King while in Europe, both the customer and employee are on equal footing. In the US, the employees are expected to satisfy the customers. Typically, this leads to high level of customer service or attentiveness which visitors may find helpful or annoying depending on their mod.

5. The diversity is unreal, geographically, climatically, demographically, ideologically, it's almost impossible to categorize or generalize about the United States.

6. From the revolutionary war to the gold rush to modern-day health care and education, everything is earned by the individual through blood sweat and tears. The US is a land of great opportunities, with great opportunities comes great responsibility i.e great risk. For those who are willing to take the risks and fight uphill battle and possibly lose everything, then the Wild West is still open for business.

7. People almost never carry cash, payments are usually debit or credit.

8. If you're from Europe, this won't surprise you, but parents can be arrested for physically punishing their children.

9. Your credit score is extremely inportant and not just for getting a loan. Even jobs will sometimes check on it.

10. Tipping happens a lot if you're going out to eat or getting haircut, get ready to flex your algebra muscles.