How to know you will live longer

Life is an interesting place to live in which people find it difficult to quit. But why is it that people quit without knowing it's their time?

Hmmm, it's something to think of all the time. Many have visited different books and clerks concerning how to live longer, but all are still the same.

If I will tell you, you don't need to stress your self. I'm very sure many visiting this page find this post tag something strange or what they've been looking for.

All is well, if I will give out what I know on how to live longer, you might be a little bit surprise. Don't worry, I've encounter with those that tried it and it works for them. Here are the tips:

*Praying at the the third section time of the night (4:00am downward).

*Given out charity to the need may be they ask for it or not.

*Abstain from all sorts of indecent and bad habit.

Always feel as if you won't live to see the next hour.

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