Facts you don't know about hijab

Interestingly, many people associate the hijab with conservation Islamic culture, this piece of clothing was around before that.

Infact the hijab started as social symbol and not a religious one.In Mediterranean societies, upper class women with wealth wore these veils. Women of lower ranking on the social ladder like slaves, servant, maid or prostitute, weren't allowed to cover their head. This practice extended all the way from Greece to Persia long before it become associated with Islam

Hijab as a style

Life is getting new day in and out. Most of what we have in the ancient days have become something strange in the society. The use of hijab in those days look so different from what interested women use today

The style is of different color and design depending on the choice of each individual. Some let it to be so long to the extent that it exceed the knee which is also called Khimar in Arabic. It can also be in a form of rectangular long garment rolled up around the head leaving little space between the neck and the chest and might be of sewed form tapped with rubber like material. This kind of head gear is common in catholic believe.

Does the hijab has any beneficial purpose!!?

If we are to look into it in religious perspective, it is something to be referred to as a compulsory act either beneficial or not since it's part of the religion itself. We shouldn't be surprise of the fact that, seeing a religious woman dressing up in that kind of way is different from what the society dictate. Since she has accepted the religion with it's terms and privacies, then it is a must on her follow the rules and regulation guiding the religion it self.

Thou it can be modernize as we have in the Muslim women styles hijab, since it doesn't contradict the religion as a whole.

Hijab, banned!!!

It is obvious to the general public that one of the most dangerous country that wage war against the use of hijab was Turkey. It's so, due to the fact that it's against the government rules. It happens during the whole military regime but later get stop when President Tayyib Erdogan get elected.