Detect hidden cameras

It might be that you find your self in a place where you are not use to. A typical example of lodge or hotel.

The following are simple tips to detect hidden cameras

1. Scan your room in the dark

2. Look for any blinking light or red LED light

3. Try searching with a mindset "if I want to hide camera, where would I hide it"

4. Try to find any peculiar pinholes in your wall

5.Switch off the light and pull down the curtains. Then, use your phone's camera to scan the room. The camera has the light adjustment capability that will quickly detect any small lights emitting from any device.

6. Hidden cameras have lens that can reflect lights. Scan the room by using your phone's flashlight to detect any reflective light from the hidden cameras lens.

7. Look for any pinholes in the room mirror.

8. Check if it is a two-way mirror using the finger test.

9. Put your finger to the mirror. If your finger reflection touched with no spaces between, it is a two-way mirror

10. Use phone to detect electromagnetic interferences

11. Place call using your phone. Try to detect any static noise in your phone's speaker while scanning your room. That static noise might come from any Leticia devices either it is hidden or not.