How to look beautiful than expected

We are now in the world of change where things change drastically in a twinkle of an eye. Despite the advancement in every thing we have today, we are still suffering from body care. You will understand this by the rate at which people are passing over to another known world (Death door). Despite all these tragedy scene we experience every day, you can still make your life more presentable to the entire world. All you need it to present your self in such way that you will full the heart of all. Just get your self prepared for confrontation challenges. These steps below complies the needed things you need to understand.

BATH- Bathing day and night is an important thing to stick to as far as face and body preservation is concern. Any thing above twice a day (bath) is not healthily because it exposes body to diseases.

Ointment- Making use of different creams all the time changes body structure. Get use to one type that is of your choice.

Pox/Pimples treatment- Pumping, squeezing or lamenting of face spot complicate the issue and apart from that, it causes shrinking of the face. Apply required remedy and wash away when it been kept on face for three to four hours.

Water treatment- Water is the ultimate solution to all soul i.e without water, we can't survive. Try to get use to water by applying it on your face when you notice strange things with your facial look. It keeps the face cooled by regulating it's temperature and letting the skin to get relaxed.

Avoid direct sun contact- Too much of ultra violent rays keep the skin old. Abstain from it as much as possible by the of umbrella and likes.

Smile- The most powerful way of presenting your face is to keep it with smiles.